FIR 9/18

//FIR 9/18

FIR 9/18

For Inspiration and Recognition in Reign Robotics

Edition One: This is a new program that your Outreach Captains Milla and Michaela have been wanting to implement for a few months and here it is! This weekly/biweekly blast is here to recognize and celebrate the members and achievements of our lovely team, Reign Robotics 5588. This is here to serve as a positive resource to support and encourage each other, as well as to provide helpful information, throughout the season. We hope you love it!


This Week:

Monday 9/18 and 9/25: Practice afterschool 3-6pm

Thursday 9/21: Lunch meeting in room 102

Saturday 9/23: Peak Performance at Seattle Christian School (SeaTac) 7am-6pm


Recognizing Reign:

As we grow as a team, your Outreach Captains would like to have the opportunity to recognize those in our community who have made a difference the past week. We will use this as a way to express our love and appreciation for each and every team member in Reign Robotics!

For this week, we would like to thank the members who volunteered their time this past Sunday to work the HNA STEM Sisters event! Thank you for helping to bring in more future members of Reign Robotics!

Upcoming Events:

10/1: Geek Girl Con 5-6pm

10/22: HNA Open House 12-3pm

10/28: Girls Generation offseason competition in Tahoma – time TBD

11/11: Amazon STEM event

1/4: HNA Open House 6:30-8:30pm

1/6: KICKOFF in Auburn


Competition Information: Peak Performance

–       This upcoming weekend, Reign Robotics will be competing in Peak Performance, an off-season competition held by Apex Robotics 5803 at Seattle Christian School (SeaTac). This competition will be a practice for any prospective drive team members as well as a way to get a feel for what FRC competitions are like. It will run from 7am to 6pm unless delays cause it to go later. We will be loading up the robot and competition materials on Friday after school so if you are available to help, please come. If you were not here for the past few lunch meetings or robotics practices, you can email either your Outreach Captains and/or your Sub-Team Captains (Clare Tuch – programming, Georgia Jellen – engineering, and Charlotte Beasley – business) questions about the different roles and rules of FRC Competitions. Transportation to Peak Performance will not be provided by HNA and parking will be limited so talk to your parents to see if they can drive you (if you cannot drive yourself) or feel free to email any one of the captains if you need to figure out a potential carpool to Peak Performance.


Engineering Update:

–       Preparing our competition robot, Victoria, for Peak Performance


Programming Update:

–       Working on getting the Raspberry Pi updated with vision targeting in time for Girl’s Generation.


Business Update:

–       Team competition polo orders are now available for this season. Please put your name and size in the Business tab if you haven’t already. Polos cost 30$. Thank you!



–       This past Sunday, 9/17, was Ellie Mastrobattista’s birthday. Happy 16th, Ellie!!

–       If everyone could please put your name and birthday on the Birthday page in the Outreach tab of Robotics 2.0 so we can celebrate you, we would appreciate it very much!


Other Announcements:

–       If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the FRC Power Up teaser trailer for this years 2017-2018 season!

–       Make sure that if you plan on attending Peak Performance this Saturday that you get your permission slip in to Mr. Hunt ASAP!!

–       As we get more involved this season, make sure to become friends with the new incoming members of Reign!

–       If you don’t have access to the OneNote and would like to, please email one of your Captains.

–       Interested in becoming involved in FIR? Have any questions or comments? Email your Outreach Captains Milla and Michaela!

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