FIR 1/3

//FIR 1/3

FIR 1/3

For Inspiration and Recognition in Reign Robotics

Editor’s Note: This is a smaller edition of FIR that is focused on information regarding the upcoming week but will return as normal beginning Monday 1/8.

This Week:

Thursday 1/4: Lunch meeting

Friday 1/5: Tentative short practice

Saturday 1/6: FRC Kickoff @ Auburn High School


Kickoff and Preparation:

  • The 2018 season is quickly approaching with FRC Kickoff happening this Saturday! For everyone who does not know what Kickoff is, it is the official beginning of the season. The new game rules and regulations are released with various breakoff sessions after in order to begin brainstorming for the new competitions. It runs from 7:30am-12:30pm at Auburn High School (711 E. Main St., Auburn WA 98002). If you missed practice on 1/3 and need any sort of additional information about Kickoff or carpooling, please reach out to your captains or outreach leads. If you are available after Kickoff, there will be an optional meeting at HNA about the new season. Get hyped for 2018 Power Up!!


Other Announcements:

  • IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE TO BE SIGNED UP IN STIMS BEFORE KICKOFF! If you are under 18, your parent/guardian must sign up for STIMS as well! If you’re over 18, you must sign the release for yourself. Here is a STIMS guide:
  • If you don’t have access to the OneNote or are not a part of the Reign Robotics emailing list, please email one of your Captains.
  • Interested in becoming involved in FIR? Have any questions or comments? Email your Outreach Leads Milla Z. ‘18 or Michaela F. ‘19
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