FIR 10/23

//FIR 10/23

FIR 10/23

For Inspiration and Recognition in Reign Robotics


This Week:

Monday 10/23: Practice afterschool 3-6pm

Saturday 10/28: Girl’s Generation Off-season competition at Tahoma high 6am-6pm

Saturday 10/28: Reign Robotics 5588 Homecoming pre-party at Michaela’s 7-8pm


Recognizing Reign:

This week we would like to recognize all who helped out at the HNA Open House this past Sunday. Thank you all for helping bring in new girls for next years’ class of 2022!


Upcoming Events:

10/30: Seattle World School Training Orientation at HNA 3pm-4pm

11/11: Amazon STEM event

1/4: HNA Open House 6:30-8:30pm

1/6: KICKOFF in Auburn


Event Information: Girl’s Generation

  • Girl’s Generation is an off-season competition run by 2046 Bear Metal at Tahoma High. For this competition, teams can only compete with the girls on their team which is no problem for Reign Robotics 5588 so get ready to dominate ladies!  Load-in will be Saturday morning at 6am and the competition will run until 5-6pm with hopefully no delays. Like all competitions, parking will most likely be limited so be sure to reach out to fellow members for carpooling or to your parents. After the competition, there is an optional pre-party hosted by our Outreach Co-Lead and Driver Michaela at her house in Ballard. Girls will be getting to Michaela’s house after the competition through carpooling or parentals. If you need more information, contact Michaela. Currently Milla Z. ’18 and Lara M. ’18 both have 3 spots in their cars for transportation to Michaela’s. There will be plenty of food and space for everyone to get dolled up for the dance. We will be bussing on the D-Line from Michaela’s to the Pacific Science Center where the venue is. Afterwards, we will all take the D-Line back to Michaela’s where everyone can drive home or be picked up by their parents. If you are uncomfortable bussing, Lara M. ’18 will be driving a few students to and from the dance so please reach out to her if you don’t want to bus with the team.
  • If you are interested in being on Drive Team, email Michaela and we will make it happen!


Engineering Update:

  • Preparing our competition robot, Victoria, for Girl’s Generation.
  • Attaching LED Ring light for vision targeting.


Programming Update:

  • Working with programmer, Andy, from Bear Metal 2046 for a kick-start on vision targeting.
  • Updating new code and Raspberry Pi.


Business Update:

  • Team competition polo orders are now available for this season. Please put your name and size in the Business tab if you haven’t already. Polos cost 30$. Thank you!



  • No birthdays this week!
  • If everyone could please go into OneNote and add their birthday we would love it in order to celebrate every member of Reign!


Other Announcements:

  • If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the FRC Power Up teaser trailer for this years 2017-2018 season!
  • If you don’t have access to the OneNote and would like to, please email one of your Captains.
  • If you are not a part of the Reign Robotics 5588 texting group chat, please email one of your captains or the Outreach Leads
  • Interested in becoming involved in FIR? Have any questions or comments? Email your Outreach Leads Milla Z. ’18 or Michaela F. ’19
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