FIR 10/30

//FIR 10/30

FIR 10/30

For Inspiration and Recognition in Reign Robotics


This Week:

Monday 10/30: Practice afterschool (Championship party/Birthday party) 3-6pm

Thursday 11/2: Lunch meeting in Robotics Room


Recognizing Reign:

This week we would like to recognize all who came to Girl’s Generation, both team members and parents, to help make a successful competition. Every person made a significant impact on the energy and wins in the event. 5588! We are queens who dominate!


Upcoming Events:

11/11: Amazon STEM Open House

1/4: HNA Open House 6:30-8:30pm

1/6: KICKOFF in Auburn

TBD Monday: Seattle World School Training Orientation at HNA 3pm-4pm


Girl’s Generation Recap: Reign Champions

  • Huge congratulations to the members of 5588 who attended Girl’s Generation and helped Reign win the entire competition! This past weekend, we sent some members who were able to attend down to Covington to the 2017 Washington Girl’s Generation competition where Reign became champions for the first time ever. In a close race during finals, 5588 and alliance captain and partner 3218 and 360 were able to defeat the 1st alliance of 3238, 1983 and 4469. After winning the first match and losing the second, Reign and their alliance partners won Girl’s Generation when Skunkworks 1983 failed to climb. For the first time in history, an all-girls team won Washington’s all-girl competition. What a great way to end the 2017 FRC season. The last and final match with Victoria will be one for the books. Way to leave your mark ladies!
  • Watch the finals matches here:


Engineering Update:

  • Beginning planning for 2018 season such as redesigning the cart


Programming Update:

  • Working with programmer, Andy, from Bear Metal 2046 for a kick-start on vision targeting.
  • Researching gyroscope for the 2018 season
  • Beginning website development


Business Update:

  • Team competition polo orders are now available for the 2018 season. Please put your name and size in the Business tab if you haven’t already. Polos cost 30$. Thank you!
  • Finalizing business plans for Power Up such as marketing plans



  • 10/30 – Happy Birthday to our beloved business captain Charlotte!
  • If everyone could please go into OneNote and add their birthday we would love it in order to celebrate every member of Reign!


Other Announcements:

  • If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the FRC Power Up teaser trailer for this years 2017-2018 season!
  • If you don’t have access to the OneNote and would like to, please email one of your Captains.
  • Interested in becoming involved in FIR? Have any questions or comments? Email your Outreach Leads Milla Z. ’18 or Michaela F. ’19
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